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Here at Honest Locks we believe in transparency. Many of our competitors like to say one price and charge another once the work is done. We will not do any work before a final price has been agreed upon. To show our commitment to doing honest business we provide our fixed final price list. No hidden fees, no sneaky additional trip charge. If you have any questions or helpful comments about pricing we are happy to listen and promise to do our best to clear-up any and all confusion.


We do however have a minimum service fee of $65. The only time we ever charge a service fee is if we have a technician physically show up and you decide you no longer want or need our service, we just want to ensure our technicians are compensated for their time.

  • Car Lockouts: $125

  • Trunk Lockouts for Luxury cars including Mercedes, BMW, and Audi: $150 (If making a mechanical key is the only possible solution an additional $25 will be added)

  • House Lockouts: $125 ($35 will be added for any additional locks)

  • Business Lockouts: $175 (with commercial grade hardware otherwise refer to house lockouts) 

  • House Rekey Lock: Service Charge: $65. Each Rekey $35. Add $10 for any locks needing to be picked (If customer has no key).

  • Car Keys: $75-$175, Depending on the year make and model. (Add $50 for programming if necessary) 

  • For transparency and to avoid confusion FINAL PRICES FOR PROGRAMMED CAR KEYS WITH NO REMOTE FUNCTIONS: $175-$200 depending on year make and model

  • Keyless Entry Remotes: $25-$75 (depending on year make and model, programming is included in this price)

  • Remote Head Keys and Smart Keys: For the vast majority of cars you can assume it will be $65 more than the price for a programmed key. $180-$245 (Due to the large variation in price on our end it is difficult to put an exact range so feel free to call us and ask about the exact price for your specific vehicle.

  • Ignition Repair: $255-$300 

  • Ignition Replacement: We just add the price of the new ignition (plus tax) and will almost always be able to rekey it to match your doors included in that price.

  • Door Lock Repairs: $175-$200 (add price of parts if necessary, it's usually not necessary)

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